9 Appearances of Cosplay KPop Groups as Disney Characters, Total!

9 Appearances of Cosplay KPop Groups as Disney Characters

Wearing costumes of various characters is a common thing for K-Pop idols. Usually, cosplay acts like this are aimed at entertaining fans or simply to make their appearance on stage more memorable

One of the most popular cosplays performed by K-Pop idols is Disney cartoon characters. There’s a lot of content that shows the appearance of idols wearing these Disney character costumes. Some are even more charming with their cosplay appearance, some are ridiculously ridiculous, you know!

Come on, see the excitement of KPop idols when they cosplay as Disney characters!

1. TWICE looked adorable when performing ‘More and More’ with costumes from various Snow White fairy tale characters

2. BLACKPINK wore a Frozen character costume while dancing to the song ‘How You Like That’. Different from the charismatic impression, they are so adorable!

3. While singing, Purple Kiss looks like various princesses from Disney animation with charming costumes

4. Very unique, GFRIEND dances to the song ‘Apple’ wearing costumes like the famous evil character from Disney animation

5. Disney princess-style costumes are suitable for IZ*ONE when performing the song ‘Secret Story of the Swan’

6. Special for Halloween, BTS entertained fans with the dance content of the song ‘Go Go’ wearing costumes from the animated Snow White

7. WayV’s behavior never fails to keep fans entertained, including when performing ‘Bad Alive’ wearing Disney character costumes

8. TREASURE’s action of cosplaying with various characters while dancing to the song ‘MMM’ successfully made fans laugh

9. SF9 took up the challenge of dancing to the song ‘O Sole Mio’ wearing various character costumes. Their behavior makes you laugh too!

Some of the appearances above are only intended to entertain fans. Unexpectedly, they are willing to cosplay with various characters to impress fans. What character do you want to see your idol cosplay as?