9 2nd Generation K-Pop Group Collaboration Performances, Really Legendary!

2nd Generation K-Pop Group Collaboration

Collaborations among K-Pop idols never fail to grab the attention of many people. Moreover, the collaboration makes the performances of the various groups more interesting because it shows impressive cohesiveness.

Although a long time has passed, there have been many collaborative performances between popular second-generation groups. Guaranteed to make you nostalgic, have a look, come on!

1. BIGBANG and Wonder Girls once performed the songs “Tell Me” and “Lies” together. Legendary!

2. The special performances of SHINee and F(x) who performed various songs at this festival impressed the audience

3. 2PM is proven to be able to build chemistry when performing with SNSD to bring various songs. Make the audience excited!

4. Miss A’s performance with 2PM of “Without You” and “Bad Girl Good Girl” will always be a meaningful moment for fans

5. Super Junior and SNSD once danced together to Maroon’s song “Moves Like Jagger”. 5. Very compact!

6. CNBLUE and SNSD are very compact when singing “Gee” and “Champion”. Make fans miss!

7. FT ISLAND with CNBLUE looked cool when they performed various hits together. The public’s favorite band, here!

8. Together with KARA, SHINee brought “Juliette” with totality at the 2009 festival. Their interactions now make fans miss

9. TVXQ and Super Junior have collaborated with the song “Show Me Your Love”. SM Stan’s favorite group, here!

The performance above will surely make you miss the typical interactions of various second-generation groups. Hopefully, they have the opportunity to collaborate again in the future, huh!