8 BTS Music Videos That Have Many Versions, Have You Watched?

BTS Music Video That Has Many Versions

BTS has many interesting music videos to watch. It doesn’t seem boring, fans also often re-watch music videos from their idols to become increasingly popular on YouTube.

Interestingly, BTS not only released one music video for the title track. The various music videos below actually have many versions. Listen, come on!

1. “Life Goes On”

“Life Goes On” consists of three versions of the music video showing a different set for each version. Everything has a healing effect so fans feel comfortable and don’t get bored watching it over and over again.

This version of the music video, which is a version that shows BTS members in the wild and a comfortable room. There is also a combined version of an interesting black and white photo called “like an arrow”.

2. “Butter”

The song “Butter” does have two remix versions, as well as the music video for this song. “Butter (Hotter Remix)” and “Butter (Cooler Remix)” are music videos released a few months after the original version was uploaded.

3. “Dynamite”

The eye-catching “Dynamite”, also has various versions. Not only the original version, but HYBE Labels also uploaded the music videos “Dynamite (B-side)” and “Dynamite (Choreography ver.)” which entertained fans.

4. “No More Dreams”

Not many realize, “No More Dream” has various versions for the music video. Not only the original version, but HYBE Labels also released “No More Dream (Bus scene long take ver.)” and “No More Dream (Choreography Version)” which were no less interesting.

5. “I Need U”

“I Need U” has another version of the music video with a longer duration. The version, namely “I Need U (Original ver.)” received a rating of 19+ so that not all fans could watch it.

6. “IDOL”

Not much difference, the second “IDOL” music video only shows Nicki Minaj’s scene to match the song. Even so, fans are still interested in watching it again and again.

7. “Fire”

The “Fire” music video has a version that focuses more on the choreography, from start to finish. It’s just that, BTS members seem to be dancing on the set of the music video which makes their appearance even more stunning.

8. “Boy With Luv”

The music video for “Boy With Luv” has a version titled “ARMY With Luv ver.” which makes fans happy to watch it. Both of them certainly get appreciation from fans who watch, you know.

Fans are certainly happy because they can watch various versions of interesting music videos from BTS. Which music video do you like the most?