7th Anniversary, These 6 WINNER Hits Are Unifying KPop Fandom

This WINNER Hits Song Becomes a Unifying KPop Fandom

After seven years of career, WINNER is a boy group that has won various achievements thanks to the quality of its songs. It can’t be separated from the loyal fans who support it.

This boy group, which debuted on August 17, 2014, also has many hit songs, you know. These songs are also considered as a unifying fandom because most KPop fans are familiar. Come on, see!

1. “Really Really”

WINNER achieved various achievements after releasing the song “Really Really” in 2017. This song that is a favorite of the general public is indeed easy listening, it also has lyrics that are easy to understand.

Seungyoon admitted that he got the biggest royalties from the song “Really Really”. Not surprising, because the song is indeed a success on various digital music platforms.

2. “Empty”

WINNER earned the nickname Monster Rookie when they debuted with the title track “Empty”. The song is indeed successful in dominating the charts in South Korea, even some artists claim to like it.

Not only attracting attention thanks to its sad melody, but “Empty” also talks about separation that creates a feeling of emptiness. This song can make the listener feel upset too.

3. “Millions”

Can make listeners feel happy, “Millions” is also quite successful from a digital perspective. This song does have a positive meaning and is easy to ring in the mind, so many people like it.

Through this song, WINNER wants listeners to feel worthy of love for various reasons. The lyrics also seem romantic and make you feel carried away.

4. “Everyday”

Pop and chill trap genre, “Everyday” also received an enthusiastic response from the public who were curious about WINNER’s new song. No wonder, if this song won the All-Kill title which makes fans proud.

This song is about a person who wants to spend every day with his girlfriend. Because everything will be more fun if various moments are passed together.

5. “Love Me Love Me”

“Love Me Love Me”, which has a summer feel, became so popular that it reached the top position on Korean charts when it was released. This song is also memorable thanks to its romantic lyrics.

Suitable to listen to when you are in love, “Love Me Love Me” talks about the desire to be loved by the crush. Interestingly, WINNER displayed it cheerfully on various music programs.

6. “Islands”

Released simultaneously with “Love Me Love Me”, the song “Island” was also no less successful and stole the attention. Moreover, this song has sweet lyrics and no less makes you feel carried away.

“Island” invites listeners to have fun in a beautiful place, even forgetting various other fears for a moment. This song is suitable to accompany you while on vacation, you know.

WINNER has never disappointed the public with the songs released in various albums. No wonder, if fans of other idols know their hit songs.