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7 Thriller Korean Dramas Ready to Air in the Second Half of 2021

Best Korean Drama Thriller Second Half 2021

Not only the romantic genre, Korean dramas also often present a tense thriller genre. In addition, this genre drama also features a heavy storyline and is full of brain-twisting puzzles.

Even so, many drakor fans really like the genre. In the second half of 2021, there will be a series of thriller genre K-dramas that are fun to watch. What are you? Come on, see!

1. The Road: Tragedy of One

Best Korean Drama Thriller Second Half 2021

The drama that airs on tvN is about the secrets, desires, guilt, and safety of the people who live in Royal the Hill. It is a residence where only the top 1 percent of people live there.

Baek Soo Hyun (Ji Jin Hee), a popular and respected news anchor. However, he has another side, which is that he has to get what he wants no matter what.

He is married to Seo Eun Soo (Yoon Se Ah), the daughter of the chairman of Japan Group and a popular miniature artist. He always puts his family first and tries not to lose his dignity, but he faces tragedy. Eun Soi tries to protect her family. The Road: Tragedy of One will air its first episode on August 4.

2. Blue Birthday

Best Korean Drama Thriller Second Half 2021


Blue Birthday is a romantic thriller drama that tells of Oh Ha Rin (Red Velvet’s Yeri) who returns to the past through mysterious photos left by her first love, Ji Seo Jun (PENTAGON’s Hongseok) who died 10 years ago. At first, Ha Rin wanted to confess her feelings to her childhood friend, but instead she found Seo Jun died by suicide which was very shocking.

Now, Ha Rin works at an abandoned pet shelter. He only had 8 chances to go back in time. The drama has been airing since July 23.

3. Cliffhanger

Best Korean Drama Thriller Second Half 2021

After starring in Kingdom: Ashin of the North, Jun Ji Hyun will also star in a drama titled Cliffhanger. The drama is about a forest ranger who works to save people in Mount Jiri National Park.

Seo Yi Gang (Jun Ji Hyun), the best ranger in Mount Jiri National Park and Kang Hyun Jo (Ju Ji Hoon), a novice ranger in Mount Jiri National Park. The two become partners and work together to save the people around Mount Jiri National Park.

4. Desire

Best Korean Drama Thriller Second Half 2021

Lee Ji Hoon and Han Chae Young will be the main characters in the drama Desire. Desire is a thriller drama wrapped in romance between a man and a woman running like an escape locomotive towards different desires, including success, revenge, children, and love.

5. Those Who Read Hearts of Evil

Best Korean Drama Thriller Second Half 2021

The drama, which aired on October 25, is about a criminal profiler who struggles to read the minds of serial killers. Song Ha Young (Kim Nam Gil), a quiet and charismatic criminal profiler. He digs into the case and looks deep into the human mind.

6. Hometown

The drama, which aired on September 17, tells the story of in 1999, Choi Hyung In (Yoo Jae Myung) worked as a detective. One day, he investigates a murder case and suspects that it is related to the terrorist who took his wife’s life 10 years ago.

Jo Jung Hyun’s (Han Ye Ri) older brother takes part in a terrorist attack. He was able to rebuild his life thanks to his nephew, but suddenly his nephew disappeared.

Jung Hyun struggles to find him. Jo Kyung Ho (Uhm Tae Goo), a man who releases sarin gas at a train station in his hometown. After that he turned himself in and was sentenced to life in prison.

7. A Wonderful Sight

Best Korean Drama Thriller Second Half 2021

This action-thriller drama wrapped in comedy focuses on insurance investigator Koo Kyung Yi (Lee Young Ae) who investigates a murder case. Kyung Yi is a smart woman who solves cold cases for the thrill of solving cases rather than bringing justice to the world.

Either way, he is fiercely pursuing the truth behind every case. A Wonderful Sight will air October 22 on JTBC.