7 This Male K-Pop Dancer is Famous for Multi talents, Versatile!

7 This Male K-Pop Dancer is Famous Multitalented

The main dancer or main dancer is an important position in every K-Pop group. Usually, idols who fill these positions have more prominent dancing skills than the other members.

Even so, playing this dancer also has various other advantages that need to be appreciated. Here are 7 male dancers who turned out to be multitalented. Do you have a bias?

1. J-Hope BTS

7 This Male K-Pop Dancer is Famous Multitalented

J-Hope has been famous as a dancer, even before auditioning and undergoing training. Once debuted, he also showed his various talents in other fields.

J-Hope is known to be able to create various things, such as poetry, songs, bracelets, and choreography. Not only creative, but he also can rap and has a melodious voice.

2. Jimin BTS

7 This Male K-Pop Dancer is Famous Multitalented

As the main dancer, Jimin never fails to amaze fans with his dancing skills. Apart from that, other talents from him are also the reason why fans are increasingly idolizing him.

This idol has a melodious voice, ability to compose songs, and totality when acting as a music project manager for BTS albums. A versatile idol figure, right?

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3. SHINee’s Taemin

7 This Male K-Pop Dancer is Famous Multitalented

SHINee’s Taemin is one of the senior idols who doesn’t hesitate to show his dancing talent, over the years of his career. No wonder, if fans feel at home idolizing him.

Taemin has a sweet voice, is a good mentor on survival programs, and plays the piano. He is also a role model for most idols, you know.

4. SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi

7 This Male K-Pop Dancer is Famous Multitalented

Hoshi is very talented in dancing, he even became the leader of SEVENTEEN’s Performance Team. He is used to showing his interest in dancing on various programs and is used to choreographing for his group.

Hoshi is also good at composing songs, taekwondo, rap, to singing. Of course, his abilities always amaze fans.


7 This Male K-Pop Dancer is Famous Multitalented

VIXX’s N is an idol who is confident in his abilities and charms. No wonder, if he always looks awesome at every opportunity.

N also has various abilities. Some of them, namely acting, singing, choreographing, MCing, and composing songs.

6. WINNER’s Seunghoon

7 This Male K-Pop Dancer is Famous Multitalented

Seunghoon is a hardworking idol who has an impressive variety of talents. As the main dancer, she is capable of choreographing and has been a mentor to the Dancing High program.

Seunghoon is also good at rapping, singing, freestyle dancing, composing songs, and cooking for his group mates. This ability makes fans fall in love with him even more.

7. BIGBANG’s Taeyang

7 This Male K-Pop Dancer is Famous Multitalented

Famous as an idol with a capable singing talent, Taeyang also actually acts as the main dancer. His ability to dance needs to be appreciated more.

In addition, Taeyang also has various other talents. He is good at playing the piano, mastering various languages, and composing songs.

Not only good at dancing but playing the dancer above also managed to amaze them with their other advantages. Who do you idolize the most?

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