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7 Recommendations for Exciting Korean Dramas to Air in July 2021

I don’t need to stress about not being able to leave the house, because there are so many amazing Korean dramas in July 2021. You can watch this Korean drama on Netflix or Viu streaming platforms.

It doesn’t feel like six months have passed in 2021. Which 2021 Korean dramas have you watched and are your favorites for the last half-year? As usual, every time we enter a new month, KINCIR provides the latest drama series that will air. Of course, with a fresh and more surprising plot.

For those of you who are bored, confined at home, and lack entertainment. It’s better to try to divert your boredom by watching the latest drama released this July. With various genres that will be present, ranging from romance, fantasy, thriller, to crime, it is guaranteed to make your day a little more fun. Moreover, there is always a drama plot that is unique and gives a surprise effect.

Come on, just take a look at the series of Korean dramas in July below.


1. The Devil Judge (July 3)

Recommended Korean Dramas

You could say The Devil Judge is one of the most anticipated dramas in mid-2021. The presence of Ji Sung in this drama has been long-awaited by fans. Ji Sung last appeared on the small screen while playing in Doctor John which aired in 2019.

It’s not just Ji Sung’s presence that is the attraction of this drama, the presence of a line of other top actors ranging from GOT7’s Jin Young, Park Gyu-young, to Kim Min-Joung makes the enthusiasm of drama lovers even more excited for their great chemistry.

The Devil Judge is about justice through live courtroom performances. Kang Yo-han (Jin Sung), a presiding judge nicknamed the ‘demon judge’ who mercilessly punishes wrongdoers in court. Is it true that Kang Yo-han’s actions were sole to defend the people? This drama will air globally on July 3rd, meanwhile, on Viu you can watch it on July 4th, 2021.

2. You Are My Spring (July 5)

Recommended Korean Dramas

You Are My Spring will follow the story of a group of people who live in the same apartment building. One day, two of its citizens, a hotelier, and a psychiatrist, get entangled in a murder case. As they spend time together, the two are trapped in memory and the fact that they once shared a traumatic past when they were 7 years old.

The drama stars Seo Hyun-jin as Kang Da-jung, Kim Dong-wook as Joo Young-do, Yoon Park as Chae Joon, and Nam Gyu-ri as Ahn Ga-young. Kang Da-jung is a hotelier who has bad taste in men. Meanwhile, Joo Young-do is a psychiatrist who helps others heal from their emotional wounds and regain their purpose in life.

In addition to the two main characters, there is Chae Joon, the friendly CEO of an investment company. Then, there is also Ahn Ga-young who is an actress who is often used by others.

3. Red Shoes (July 5)

Recommended Korean Dramas

After three years of hiatus from the small screen, So Yi-Hyun finally made a comeback debut in the drama Red Shoes. This drama will focus on the story of Min-Hee-Kyung (Choi Myung-Gil) and his daughter, Kim Gemma (So Yi-Hyun). Red Shoes begins the story of Hee-Kyung who is unhappy after marriage, and she longs for success. One day, Hee-kyung’s husband and son get into an accident. Hee-Kyung lies and disappears leaving her family behind.

After Gemma grows up and learns of the fact that her mother left her for success and her first love, she wants to take revenge on Min-Hee-Kyung. At the same time, Gemma wants to know the cause of her father’s sudden death.

Gemma meets Yoon Ki-Seok (Park Yoon-Jae) while investigating her father’s death. Ki-Seok has a bad past, his wife betrays him and he gives up on love. However, while helping Gemma, she seems to find love within herself.

4. Our First: Seventeen (July 7)

Recommended Korean Dramas

Our First: Seventeen is a drama whose story focuses on a group of teenagers who are in the phase of the maturation process, who slowly find their respective dreams. These teenagers were met through a cover song student organization at their school.

They include Ohn Yoo (Choi Ji-soo) who dreams of becoming a music composer, Isaac wants to become a popular YouTuber, Ye Chan has ambitions to become a beauty influencer, and Ha Eun the social butterfly. Together, they discover the importance of friendship and the effort they must make to turn their dreams into reality.

5. The Witch’s Dinner (July 16)

Recommended Korean Dramas

After successfully starring in the drama Was It Love last year, Song Ji-Hyo returned to the small screen along with Nam Ji-Hyun and Chae Jong-hyeop through the drama The Witch’s Diner. A Korean drama adapted from a novel of the same name that won the daesang (grand prize) in the story contest of the Kyobo Book Center.

The Witch’s Diner is a dark fantasy genre drama about a witch restaurant that sells food that can grant customers’ wishes, in exchange for human souls.

Song Ji-Hyo will play a restaurant owner and magician named Zo Hee-ra, while Nam Ji-Hyun will play Jung Jin who is a restaurant employee who works at Zo Hee-ra’s restaurant. This he did to pay for the deal that Jung Jin made with the witch. Chae Jong-hyeop plays Gil Yong, a part-timer with a pure soul.

6. Kingdom: Ashin of the North (July 16)

Recommended Korean Dramas

The prequel to the Kingdom series is also the most anticipated drama. Titled Kingdom: Ashin of the North is a zombie-themed special that will explore the origins of resurrection plants and how they spread to Joseon.

The drama stars Jun Ji-Hyun as the adult character Ashin. Meanwhile, Kim Sia, who stole attention through her acting skills in The House of Us and Miss Baek, played Ashin in childhood.

The drama begins when little Ashin tells his father about the discovery of a resurrection plant, and that he plans to use it on his bedridden mother. Unfortunately, his actions led to a series of consequences when his village was terrorized by an unknown creature, causing a lot of blood to be spilled.

7. Blue Birthday (July 23)

Recommended Korean Dramas
Blue Birthday is also one of the most awaited Korean dramas in July. The drama, starring two popular idols, Yeri Red Velvet and Hongseok PENTOGEN, carries the fantasy thriller romance genre. Tells about the time travel experienced by Oh Ha-rin (Yeri).

Oh, Ha-rin (Yeri) returns to the past through a mysterious photo left by her first love, Ji Seo-jun (Hongseok). Sadly, Ji Seo-jun had passed away on his birthday exactly 10 years ago. Towards the end of his life, Ji Seo-jun had decided to confess his feelings to Oh Ha-rin on his birthday. Unfortunately, he instead had to lose his own life tragically.

Bonus: Police University (July 27)

After appearing stunningly in the drama Search (2020), Krystal Jung will again display her different charms through Police University. In this drama, she not only becomes an ordinary student at the police academy but also transforms into a woman who is good at judo, which is sure to leave fans stunned.

Police University tells the story of Yoo Dong-man (Cha Tae-Hyun), a professor at the Police Academy with 20 years of experience. He works as a crime, violence detective, and a member of a cyber investigation team.

Yoo Dong-man meets Kang Sun-ho (Jun Jin-young), a skilled hacker, and Oh Kang-hee (Krystal), an innocent girl who excels in judo. Together with them, Dong-man also handles various criminal cases. Although the plot seems serious, this drama will also include a romantic comedy story it which makes this drama even more memorable.

Well, that’s the latest Korean drama that started airing this month. How? If you look at the plot, it’s interesting, right?