7 K-Pop Idols Who Show Their Acting Talent in Drama This Year

K-Pop Idols Who Show Acting Talent

Recently, many K-pop idols have taken over the acting world by showing that they can not only sing and dance but also act. In fact, in early 2021, many of them showed their acting talent in Korean dramas to the audience.

Here are a series of K-pop idols who have starred in various popular drakor titles with acting that will captivate you. Come on, see!

1. U-KISS Junyoung

K-Pop Idols Who Show Acting Talent

One of the 2nd generation K-pop idols, U-KISS’s Junyoung is an actor who is more experienced in Imitation dramas. He’s acting as a vocalist in the SHAX group named Kwon Ryok is very cold and arrogant.

As the drama progresses, Ryok begins to show another side of him that is more charming. Jun Young’s acting quality makes fans who previously hated his character fall in love with Kwon Ryok.

2. T-ARA’s Jiyeon

K-Pop Idols Who Show Acting Talent

Still from the second generation of K-pop idols, there is T-ARA’s Jiyeon who is no less eye-catching in the Imitation drama. She plays La Li Ma, the most popular female soloist who is full of charisma.

He has feelings for Kwon Ryuk, but the presence of Ma Ha (Jeong Ji So) in their midst makes Li Ma very irritated. The proven acting experience when starring in the drama Dream High 2 coupled with the soul of the antagonist character makes La Li Ma’s aura very attached to Jiyeon.

3. Yunho ATEEZ

K-Pop Idols Who Show Acting Talent

ATEEZ’s Yunho made his acting debut this year through the drama Imitation. He plays the character of Yoo Jin, the main vocalist of Sparkling. Even though he immediately made his acting debut as the main character, his friendly and protective character also caught the attention of the audience.

His acting quality is good enough to take the audience on a journey of love, heartbreak, and his desire to reach the top in the K-pop industry. He also makes fans get second-lead syndrome, here!

4. Dawon SF9

K-Pop Idols Who Show Acting Talent

Following his colleagues, Rowoon and Chani, SF9’s Dawon also showed his acting talent again in the drama Doom At Your Service. Previously, he had acted in a web drama titled Click Your Heart in 2016.

Dawon plays the immature younger brother of Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young). Many viewers were entertained by Seon Kyung’s charming and childish character.

5. Hyeri Girl’s Day

K-Pop Idols Who Show Acting Talent

Hyeri’s popularity in the acting world cannot be doubted because she has acted in many dramas, one of the most recent being My Roommate Is A Gumiho. He plays Lee Dam, a student who crosses paths with a gumiho disguised as a professor.

The audience was also very entertained by Hyeri’s cheerful and funny acting like her character in the drama Reply 1988.

6. GOT7’s Youngjae

K-Pop Idols Who Show Acting Talent

Although Youngjae has starred in Korean dramas several times, his character in the sitcom So Not Worth It is very different. He plays Sam, the student, and son of the CEO of the Australian-based global food chain tteokbokki.

His character who is careless, nosy, and doesn’t have the burden of life gives his new nuance in Youngjae’s acting.

7. Minnie (G)I-DLE

K-Pop Idols Who Show Acting Talent

Besides Yunho, there is also Minnie who recently made his acting debut in the sitcom So Not Worth It. He plays a student from Thailand who likes K-Pop and K-Drama.

Minnie’s acting in this sitcom was flooded with positive praise from the audience. She looks natural as a woman who is a fan of K-pop and fun K-drama like any other fan.

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