7 K-Pop Idols Who Join the Next Level Aespa Fever

K-Pop Idols who Fever Next Level aespa

Since aespa’s comeback with the release of Next Level, this song has been very well received by fans and has become one of the most popular songs today. The proof, the MV for the song became the second video belonging to Aespa which quickly won 100 million views.
Not only that, but Next Level is also the same as SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong song which is prohibited from playing during the college entrance exam season in Korea because this song has an addictive melody that makes the participants not focus during the exam.

This song is indeed proven to be addictive because several K-pop idols also dance to the song. Who are they? Come on, see!

1. NCT Dream

K-Pop Idols who Fever Next Level aespa

Starting from their agency partner, NCT Dream, who showed their love for aespa’s Next Level song. Chenle and Jisung also took part in the challenge of dancing to the song.

Starting from Chenle who danced the chorus of the song alone and recorded by Jisung. Followed by the next video with the two members dancing Next Level together enthusiastically and energetically.

2. 2PM’s Taecyeon

Not long ago, Taecyeon had gone viral when he danced the Next Level choreography while doing an online fansign. At first, fans asked him to dance the dance, but Taecyeon didn’t understand and tried his best.

Even though he didn’t understand, this Vincenzo drama actor kept on dancing until he slipped behind Jun.K and the two of them also danced Next Level together.

3. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon


With #TAEYEON 🥰#Level2 #WooWee_Dance #aespa #NextLevel #WINTER #NINGNING

♬ Next Level – aespa

Aespa senior, Kim Taeyeon also did not miss doing the Next Level dance challenge with the aespa members. By being in the middle position, Taeyeon seemed fluent in dancing the choreography of the remake song. The video is divided into two, first Taeyeon with Winter and Ningning and then with Karina and Giselle.

With #TAEYEON #Level2 #WooWee_Dance #aespa #NextLevel #WINTER #NINGNING

With #TAEYEON #Level2 #WooWee_Dance #aespa #NextLevel #WINTER #NINGNING

♬ Next Level – aespa

4. 2PM

Not only Taecyeon who got Next Level fever, but the other 2PM members also danced to the song. This happened when they were guests on the radio show Volume Up hosted by Kang Han Na.
They practiced before doing the challenge and danced the choreography quite well.

5. Key SHINee

As the person who is the best at dancing girl group choreography, Key showed his skills in dancing to the Next Level song during Amazing Saturday. Energetic, Key danced to the song gracefully and ended with a dramatic fairy ending, and also promoted SEVENTEEN’s Ready To Love which was a guest at the time.

6. SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups

Still, on Amazing Saturday, there were S.Coups, Hoshi, and SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan who were guests on the show. When Key started dancing to the song Next Level, S.Coups, who was eating, immediately stopped filling his stomach and immediately started dancing to the song. Fans who saw the S.Coups action laughed and were very entertained.

7. Kahi

The former After School leader started his latest vlog series called Let’s Dance Kpop with aespa’s review and dance cover of Next Level. While watching the song’s performance, Kahi praised Karina’s powerful and visual beauty.