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6 Recommended Korean Drama Seo In Guk besides Doom At Your Service

Seo In Guk

Korean Drama Seo In Guk – Currently Seo In Guk is busy with his role in the Korean drama Doom At Your Service. Acting as Myul Mang, this 33-year-old actor has successfully captivated the audience with his acting.

In fact, Seo In Guk became the most talked about actor in the 2nd week of May 2021 version of Good Data. Apart from Doom At Your Service, there is a series of dramas starring Seo In Guk that are no less cool. Come on, see the list below:


1. Reply 1997

Korean Drama Seo In Guk – The success of his acting debut made Seo In Guk become the main character in the drama Reply 1997. He plays Yoon Yoon Jae, the childhood friend of Shi Won (Eunji Apink) who is handsome and smart. When he was growing up, Yoon Jae secretly fell in love with his girlfriend. Apart from acting, Seo In Guk also contributed his sweet voice by singing a duet with Eunji entitled All for You and Just the Way We Love which became the drama’s OST. Thanks to his acting, chemistry, and duet songs, Seo In Guk has won a number of awards at various prestigious award shows.


2. Master’s Sun

Seo In Guk
Subsequently, Seon In Guk returned to acting in the drama Master’s Sun as Kang Woo. He is the head of security at a shopping center owned by Joong Won (So Ji Sub) who has feelings of love for Tae Gong Shil (Gong Hyo Jin). Seo In Guk managed to get an award as the ‘New Star Award’ at the SBS Drama Awards through his acting.


3. Hello Monster

Seo In Guk – Seo In Guk also acted in the drama series Hello Monster by playing the role of Lee Hyun or David Lee. He is a famous professor who lost his childhood memory. Lee Hyun returns to South Korea to try to solve a murder case and find his long-lost younger brother. His role in the thriller drama earned Seo In Guk several nominations at the Korea Drama Awards and KBS Drama Awards.

4. Squad 38
In the drama Squad 38, Seo In Guk plays Yang Jeong Do, a professional con artist. Yang Jeong Do’s figure is also half a criminal because he is still good at helping the police to catch the tax mafia. Thanks to his acting, this actor who started his career as a singer won an award as ‘Special Award, Actor’ at the Asian TV Drama Conference.


5. Shopping King Louie

Apart from being a half-criminal, Seo In Guk has also played the role of the last heir to the throne at Shopping King Louie. He is Kang Ji Sung, the son of a wealthy family who grew up in a protected and pampered environment in France. One day he finds himself falling into Seoul and loses his memory. He also lives stranded in the country.

6. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

In The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, Seo In Guk plays Kim Moo Young, an assistant at a micro brewery. She is a figure who looks indifferent from the outside, but innocent like a child on the inside. Seo In Guk competed acting with Jung So Min and Park Sung Woong in the drama.