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6 Latest Funny Korean Dramas You Must Watch, Really Hilarious

Cute Korean Drama

Cute Korean Drama – Funny Korean drama lovers have to watch the latest series such as Start-Up, True Beauty, and Mr. Queen. Start-Up is about a start-up company, True Beauty tells the story of women’s beauty standards, and Mr. Queen tells of the Joseon Dynasty.

Cute Korean Drama
Watching funny Korean dramas can indeed be a real komood booster. Especially if the series is inserted with romantic scenes, it will make Drakor lovers melt and addicted to watching.

It’s mandatory to watch cute Korean dramas because, in addition to making them laugh so hilarious, Korean drama series always raise interesting life issues to be applied in everyday life, their moral messages

Apart from the three cute Korean dramas that have been mentioned earlier, many Korean dramas are suitable for filling your spare time. The following is a list of funny Korean dramas that must be watched from various sources, Monday (22/2/2021).

Korean Drama Cute Start-Up

Cute Korean Drama
Cute Korean Drama


Cute Korean Drama – This cute Korean drama that airs in October 2020 stars Nam Joo Hyuk and Bae Suzy. Oh Choong Hwan, is the director who collaborated with writer Park Hye Ryun. Not for the first time, they have also worked together in working on the drama While You Were Sleeping.

The funny Korean drama Start-Up tells the story of a woman named Seo Dal Mi who dreams of becoming the next Steve Jobs. He went into business and ran the company he had built.

The business that Dal Mi, Nam Do San, and their other friends have been running for two years has resulted in losses.

They only spend their own investors’ money. Regardless of the business, once upon a time, Nam Do San became Dal Mi’s, first love. They encourage each other.

Korean Drama Cute True Beauty

Cute Korean Drama
Cute Korean Drama – The three main actors in this cute Korean drama True Beauty are Moon Ga Young, Cha Eun Woo, and Hwa In Yeob. Moon Ga Young plays Lim Ju Gyeong, a cheerful student who is determined to hide her real face with makeup because she is not confident about her true face.

Both Cha Eun Woo played the character Lee Du Ho. Is a handsome student who has a wound in him. He will also befriend sharing stories with Ju Gyeong.

The third is Hwang In Yeob who plays Han Seo Jun. He is a rough and wild student, but his figure will captivate lovers of the romantic comedy-drama True Beauty.

True Beauty is a cute Korean drama that tells the story of a high school student named Lim Joo Kyung (Moon Ga Young) who has a face full of acne. This girl is never confident in her real face, so she has to use makeup wherever she is.

One time, when Lim Joo Kyung changed schools, he always appeared with a make-up face. Successfully, he becomes a beautiful and popular student. But over time, two men know the real face of the woman and then fall in love with her.

Well, this cute Korean drama teaches that every woman is beautiful as she is. Even without makeup. The most important message is that everyone, especially women, must love themselves and accept what they are without having to cover up all their shortcomings.

Mr. Cute Korean Drama. Queen

Cute Korean Drama

Cute Korean Drama – Mr. Queen just premiered in December 2020 and managed to score a pretty impressive rating, which is 8 percent nationally. The collaboration of the two main actors, Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun, successfully invited laughter from Korean fans.

“Mr. Queen” is one of the funny Korean dramas that must be watched. Tells the story of a man who travels in time to the Joseon Dynasty and becomes a queen at that time, namely Queen Cheorin, after an accident at a swimming pool.

There, he met King Chul-jong, a king who had no stand but dreamed of reform. He also wants to be remembered as a king who has served his nation and country. Starring Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun, “Mr. Queen” can be watched on the tvN channel.

Funny Korean Drama 18 Again

Cute Korean Drama

Cute Korean Drama – The 18 Again series is a funny Korean drama adapted from an American hit film in 2009, namely 17 Again by Jason Filardi. This K-drama tells the story of a man who returns to the age of 18 to defend his love.

This cute Korean drama stars several well-known stars, one of which is Lee Do-Hyun. Even the young actor is a topic of conversation because of his return to acting on the small screen. Then there are also Korean actresses and hits such as Kim Ha-Seul, Yoon Sang-Hyun who are ready to add to the excitement of the audience.

This cute Korean drama tells the life of a man named Hong Dae-young (Yoon Sang-Hyun). He, who is already in a household with Jung Da-Jung (Kim Ha-neul), is always bickering every day. They have two teenage twins namely Hong Shi-A (Roh Jeong-eui) and Hong Shi-woo (Ryeo Un).

Jung Da-Jung is a very kind junior announcer. She married when she was 18 years old and is now starting her career after giving up so she can focus on being a wife and mother at home.

However, he gets tired and feels impatient with Dae-young. This condition was made worse when Hong Dae-young was fired from his job and made things messy. Jung Da-Jung finally filed divorce papers with Hong Dae-young.

It made Hong Dae-young feel depressed and think of himself as a very useless person at the age of 37. He can only reflect and regret all the things he has done. Until one day, without realizing it, he suddenly turned into an 18-year-old teenager with his old memories and mindset when he was a teenager.

Korean Drama Cute Backstreet Rookie

Cute Korean Drama

Cute Korean Drama – This cute Korean drama taken from the popular webtoon series will tell an unexpected love story between shop owner Choi Dae Hyun, played by Ji Chang Wook, and part-time employee Jung Saet Byul, played by Kim Yoo Jung.

“This is a very bright and warm comedy. It will depict affection and love between people who meet at a convenience store. I think this is a drama of laughter, empathy, and communication,” said Ji Chang Wook. Soompi.

In the cute Korean drama Backstreet Rookie, Ji Chang Wook plays Choi Dae Hyun, a department store employee. Even though he has no real-world experience in this field, Ji Chang Wook remembers his hard work in the past.

Regarding the character he plays, Kim Yoo Jung describes the figure of Jung Saet Byul as adorable, even though his figure is very fiery. This funny Korean drama has aired in June 2020.

Korean Drama Cute Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Cute Korean Drama

Cute Korean Drama – This cute Korean drama is a romantic comedy starring idols such as Park Bo-young, Park Hyung-Sik, and Ji Soo. The drama, which aired on JTBC in 2017, was such a success that it was remade by television stations in the United States.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon presents the story of Do Bong-soon, a young woman who is gifted with superpowers. He fell in love and struggled to realize his dream of becoming a game maker.

There are quite a several scenes in this funny Korean drama that will make you laugh out loud. One of them, thanks to the funny behavior of Kim Won-Hae, who plays the gangster and employee Park Hyung-Sik.