6 Facts about EXO Chen’s ‘Wife’, a Mysterious Female Figure That Makes Fans Curious

who is Chen exo’s wife

EXO Chen just celebrated his first daughter’s birthday, Sunday (25/4/2021) yesterday. This news was reported exclusively by Sports Kyunghang, who saw the Chen family gather at the Shilla Hotel. Also seen is the figure of Chen EXO’s wife wearing a hanbok to match her husband.

In early 2020, Chen EXO surprised fans when announcing the news of his marriage. EXO Chen’s wife also reportedly gave birth to a daughter in April 2020.

To celebrate his daughter’s first birthday, EXO’s Chen is reportedly taking military service leave. As is known, the main vocalist of EXO started his military service in October 2020 as a soldier.

Now, the figure of EXO Chen’s wife is again warmly discussed by fans. Even though his identity was kept secret, fans managed to dig up information related to the mysterious woman.

After announcing the news of his marriage, fans spread some evidence that connected EXO Chen with his wife. This is believed to be a sign that Chen EXO has been in a relationship with him for a long time.

Here are 6 facts about EXO Chen’s ‘wife’, a mysterious woman who married the KPop idol:

  1. EXO Chen’s ‘Wife’ Interact with the Coach

The owner of the mihi. xoxo’s Instagram account is believed to be EXO-L (as EXO fans) is Chen EXO’s wife. Because the mysterious woman showed her familiarity with coach Chen when commenting on her photo.

In a screenshot shared by fans, Chen EXO’s wife, who is still her boyfriend, said “Buy me food too … why do you only like Jongdae. Like me too!”

In another screenshot, EXO’s Chen coach even told him to work out with his girlfriend.

EXO Chen’s wife: I’m healthy, I’m out of breath after climbing two stairs.

EXO Chen Coach: Exercise with your boyfriend.

EXO Chen’s Wife: Girlfriend? What do you mean haha

  1. EXO Chen’s ‘wife’ comes to EXO’s concert


EXO Chen’s Wife EXO Chen’s Wife Come to the EXO Concert Photo: doc. Pann

In his post on the Korean community forum, the fan also shared a screenshot of a friend’s post from EXO Chen’s ‘wife’. He and his friend seemed to attend a musical performance filled by Chen.

Another photo also shows EXO Chen’s ‘wife’ attending EXO’s concert with his friends. One of his friends even thanked him for getting a VIP seat.

  1. Chen EXO’s ‘Wife’ Instagram post


EXO Chen’s wife Instagram posts EXO Chen’s ‘wife’ Photo: doc. Pann

In his Instagram upload, EXO Chen’s ‘wife’ once wrote Chen’s initial nickname in Korean ‘ㄷㅈㅇ’ which means ‘Dajung-ie’. Some other posts were also considered by EXO-L to be related to EXO Chen.

Like a photo of the soap packaging that EXO Chen bought as a gift from Japan. EXO Chen’s ‘wife’ also uses the hashtag #JD alias Jongdae (Chen’s real name) in her posts. EXO-Ls also heard Chen EXO’s voice in a video.

  1. Chen EXO and ‘Wife’ Vacation to Los Angeles


EXO Chen EXOChen’s wife and ‘Wife’ Vacation to Los Angeles Photo: doc. Pann

An EXO-L from China once shared a photo showing flight information about EXO Chen and his wife. The two reportedly took a vacation to Los Angeles for 10 days and 9 nights. In the photo, the name Kim Jongdae is written, which is Chen’s real name.

  1. Chen EXO and ‘Wife’ Wearing Couple Accessories


EXO Chen’s wife EXO Chen and ‘Wife’ Wearing Couple Accessories Photo: doc. Pann

Fans also collected photos of accessories used by EXO’s Chen and his wife. Both are believed to be wearing the same bracelet, necklace, and ring. EXO Chen was even seen wearing his couple accessories at concerts.

  1. Chen EXO and Wife Spotted Buying a Ring


EXO Chen wife EXO Chen and wife caught buying a ring Photo: doc. Pann

An EXO-L also met Chen EXO and his wife. The two were reportedly looking for a ring at a jewelry shop. The fans were hysterical even though EXO Chen’s wife was not seen in the photo.


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