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6 Actors Who Resigned From Drama Due to Scandal to Production Problems

Actor Who Resigned From Korean Drama

When making a Korean drama, usually the production will cast a number of actors. Although, the actors who passed the casting have been confirmed to star in the drama, but not infrequently the actor decides to withdraw from the drama he will be starring in.

The reasons also vary from being involved in cases to problems with the characters to be played. Let’s take a look at the list of actors who have withdrawn from the dramas they starred in:

1. Kim Sae Ron

Actor Who Resigned From Korean Drama

This 20-year-old actress has resigned from the drama Dear. M, starring NCT’s Jaehyun. There were rumors that the reason for Kim Sae Ron’s withdrawal from the drama was that there was a problem with the credit arrangement before it was processed.

The credit order of the cast has become a sensitive issue in the South Korean entertainment industry. Usually, the names of the artists are sorted by the part they got in the drama or film as well as the year of debut in the industry. However, Sae Ron’s agency denied these rumors and said there was no conflict between the actress and the cast and drama Dear. M.

2. APRIL’s Naeun

Actor Who Resigned From Korean Drama

Before being played by Pyo Ye Jin, the character Go Eun in the drama series Taxi Driver will actually be played by APRIL’s Naeun. However, Naeun stumbled upon a bullying case against former APRIL member, Hyunjoo.

Finally, the drama production side announced that member Naeun resigned and the decision was the result of discussions between them and the idol agency. The shooting process that had been running 60 percent had to be repeated by replacing it with Pyo Ye Jin.

3. Seo Yea Ji

Actor Who Resigned From Korean Drama

After a long time, finally Seo Yea Ji’s agency, Gold Medalist, confirmed that the actress had withdrawn from starring in the drama Island. Seo Yea Ji resigned due to various controversies involving her, ranging from her possessiveness to her ex-lover, Kim Jung Hyun, to her harsh treatment of staff.

Until now, only Kim Nam Gil has been confirmed to star in the drama.

4. Park Sung Hoon

Actor Who Resigned From Korean Drama

The actor who has acted in the drama Psychopath Diary has also resigned from the Only One Person drama, which will also star Red Velvet’s Joy. Rumors also surfaced that the reason for the actor’s resignation was due to schedule issues.

However, his agency stated that Park Sung Hoon resigned due to personal reasons. Sung Hoon’s resignation coincided with the shooting schedule which was only one month away.

5. Park Hae Eun

Actor Who Resigned From Korean Drama

Newcomer actress Park Hae Eun has decided to withdraw from the Hong Sisters drama Return. The production party said that Hae Eun resigned because she felt burdened to be the main character in the drama.

In fact, the actress has finished reading the script for the drama Return. Through an upload on her personal Instagram account, the actress who plays a role in the drama Nurse School File prays for the smooth production of the drama.

6. Kim Young Dae

Actor Who Resigned From Korean Drama

Finally, there is Kim Young Dae, who recently reported that he had canceled his role in the drama School 2021. Rumors circulated that the reason was because the roles offered were different from those previously discussed.

The production party and Kim Young Dae’s agency had different opinions so they could not work together. The actor’s agency also confirmed the news. However, the production team for the drama School 2021 denied Kim Young Dae was leaving and is still negotiating with the actor’s agency.