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5 Reasons Why Korean Dramas Should Never Be Missed

Korean Drama Nevertheless

Korean dramas nevertheless present a mature and realistic romance. This romance story is ready to make you feel carried away and “dizzy” because of Song Kang and Han So-hee.

After gaining popularity thanks to appearing in the Korean drama A World of Married Couple, Han So-hee has made her small screen debut through the drama Nevertheless. The drama, which is based on the hit webtoon, tells the realistic romance between a woman named Yoo Na-bi (Han So-hee), who doesn’t believe in love but still wants to date, and a man named Park Jae-uhn (Song Kang) who considers dating to be true. troublesome but likes to tease women.

Although the two characters have different views on love and dating someone. But they decided to start a romantic relationship, simple but rather complicated, namely a friend with benefits. Then, how will the romance continue between these two people who have different views? The answer can only be obtained after you watch this drama which consists of 10 episodes.

So, before starting to watch Nevertheless on Netflix, here KINCIR will explain some reasons why drakor fans should watch this drama. Come on, just take a look!

1. The story is based on a famous webtoon

Korean dramas adapted from webtoons are being picked up more and more often from year to year, and many have succeeded in meeting fan expectations. As experienced by the drama True Beauty and Love Alarm. Both created a positive response throughout the broadcast. This may have motivated the director and producer, Kim Ga-ram, to make a live-action version of Jung Seo’s drama.

You need to know that the webtoon, entitled Algoitjiman, is very popular and has won the hearts of many fans. It is guaranteed that the fans of the webtoon are waiting for this version of the drama series. Kim Ga-ram is a fan of Jung Seo’s webtoon.

Kim Ga-ram shared that since reading the webtoon, she immediately felt like making this webtoon story as a live-action series to show a realistic picture of love and relationship between the characters Yoo Na-bi and Park Jae-uhn.

2. Show a realistic romance

Korean Drama Nevertheless
As we know, Korean romance dramas usually manage to attract a lot of viewers. Although usually, the plots presented are mostly fantasy rather than reality, drakor fans are still happy to enjoy the dish. In the drama, however, the story is a realistic romance that does tell what happens in real life, and what relationships are like for most couples these days.

The actor, Song Kang, revealed the reason why this drama intrigued him is that he thinks it has a sweet plot like teenage love, but other things make the story different and stand out. Moreover, this romance story features two students who have different principles until they finally fall in love with each other.


3. Characters that relate to the audience

Korean Drama Nevertheless
In addition to presenting a realistic love story, the characters in Nevertheless will also relate to the audience. The director, Kim Ga-ram, said that viewers will feel connected to the character’s story in the Nevertheless because what is presented in this drama is following what some people often feel.

“After all we will still fall in love with someone. Even though you know it will end painfully, the series of love certainly can’t be stopped. This drama tells a love story that takes place during pain and despair,” said Han Ga-ram.

It seems that the audience will be immersed and emotional with the story in Nevertheless because the plot is so relatable to most people who have experienced the twists and turns in love.

4. Perfect cast of actors

Korean Drama Nevertheless

It seems that 2021 will be a golden year for Song Kang, the three dramas he has starred in simultaneously airing this year namely Love Alarm 2, Navillera, and Nevertheless. No wonder if many dramas offers approach this 27-year-old actor, the quality of his acting is getting better and better over time. Likewise with his co-star, Han So-hee.

The two are receiving a lot of attention from fans. Kim Ga-ram, the director said that while reading the webtoon, he had thought of Song Kang and Han Seo-hee to be cast as actors.

“Ever since I read the webtoon, I’ve been thinking about the two actors. Fortunately, both of them really liked the webtoon and also wanted to work with me,” said Kim Ga-ram.


5. Burning chemistry

Korean Drama Nevertheless

Before Nevertheless officially aired on Netflix, there had been a lot of footage circulating featuring Song Kang and Han So-hee acting. From just that snippet, it is clear that there is good chemistry that exists between the two.