5 Most Memorable JYP Entertainment K-Pop Group Debut Songs

KPop Group JYP Entertainment's debut song

JYP Entertainment is an agency that houses various popular groups. The group from this agency is also gaining public attention thanks to the distinctive concept that has been carried since its debut.

Not only that, but the debut song of the JYP Entertainment group is also easy listening so that it is easily liked by many people. Come on, see!

1. “10 Out of 10” – 2PM

2PM debuted with the song “10 Out of 10” which is still a fan favorite to this day. This song also has an interesting music video that matches the meaning of the song, you know.

This song is actually about the great attraction to a charming woman. Therefore, this song has lyrics that seem full of memorable praise.

2. “Like OOH-AHH” – TWICE

“Like OOH-AHH” is TWICE’s easy listening debut song. Each member even showed a girl crush charm when debuting with the song, until it was considered iconic for fans.

The meaning is interesting, “Like OOH-AHH” talks about wanting to have a lover and feeling love. This desire is described with confidence in the lyrics so that fans are amazing.

3. “Dalla Dalla” – ITZY

ITZY immediately became the talk of the public when they debuted with the song “Dalla Dalla”. The song has a positive meaning that is considered suitable with ITZY’s concept.

“Dalla Dalla” actually describes the desire to be yourself, regardless of other people’s opinions. This song can help you to be more confident when you know its meaning, you know.

4. “Congratulations” – DAY6

DAY6 debuted in 2015 with the memorable song “Congratulations”. The song is fun to listen to, but it has an unexpected meaning and corresponds to reality.

Full of satire, this song describes the feeling of being hurt because of being betrayed by one’s lover. Therefore, this song makes fans collapse when they understand its meaning.

5. “District 9” – Stray Kids

Stray Kids officially debuted with the song “District 9” that fans will never forget. Moreover, this song is considered to be able to entertain the listener, thanks to its positive meaning.

Through this song, Stray Kids satirizes people who like to make malicious or disparaging comments. When you’re feeling low, this song might help you feel better when you look at its meaning.

The songs above are certainly unforgettable for fans who still often listen to them. Is there a song that impresses you the most, isn’t it?

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