5 KPop Group Names Using Color Names, Make It Easy to Remember!

KPop Group Names Using Color Names

Starting from the less famous ones, to those that have gone international, people will know a KPop group by its name. With different meanings, all have their own identity. Competition in this industrial world is tight, there are even some names that are not very well known even though they have debuted.

Their struggle is not easy, sometimes even when they are famous they have their challenges. It’s the same when you decide to make a name. It looks simple, his creative idea managed to make the public easy to remember. Here are 5 K-Pop group names made from color names.

1. Blackpink

KPop Group Names Using Color Names


Surely you know that Blackpink is one of the famous Korean girl groups in foreign countries. His songs are also widely played in public places.

The name of their group uses the names of black and pink colors. They debuted in 2016 under YG Entertainment. Their name was made because they have a savage side denoted by black and they also have a soft side in pink.

2. Golden Child

KPop Group Names Using Color Names

Formed by Woolim Entertainment, Golden Child has 10 members. The name of this group is taken from the name of the gold color which in English is gold or golden.

In general, the color gold indicates a value. The fandom name for their fans is also taken from the color of their group name, namely Golden.

3. Purple Kiss

KPop Group Names Using Color Names

The newest among the others, here! Purple Kiss is a South Korean girl group from the RBW agency that just debuted in March 2021.

Consisting of 7 members, their debut concept is colored purple, just like their group name. The members are all talented, here!

4. Red Velvet

KPop Group Names Using Color Names

This girl group consists of Irene, Wendy, Seulgi, Joy, and Yeri. They are members of a girl group under SM Entertainment, namely Red Velvet.

They debuted in 2014 and are still alive today. The name of this group, Red Velvet, is taken from the color red itself. In addition, the name red velvet is also the name of a sweet cake!

5. CNBlue

KPop Group Names Using Color Names

The fifth is not a KPop idol group. CNBlue is a South Korean band consisting of members who each have their abilities in the art of music.

This Korean band under the auspices of FNC also uses the color name element as the name of the group, which is blue. The CNBlue fandom also has its color, which is blue, you know. Compact, deh, fans and artists!

Unique and creative, yes, make the name? Not complicated, but has meaning behind their simple name.

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