5 KPop Girl Groups Who All Members Use Real Names as Idols

K-Pop girl groups whose members use real names

In the South Korean entertainment industry, the use of stage names is common among idols. The stage name will be used for a long time during a career, so it must match the image of the idol.

Many idols use stage names that are different from their real names. Even so, not a few who turned out to use the original name. For example, some girl groups whose members all use the following stage names. Listen, come on!

1. Apink

K-Pop girl groups whose members use real names

Apink debuted with six members who used their real names as their stage names. Their concept is considered impressive every comeback, so fans don’t get bored.

The girl group which debuted in 2011 consists of Park Cho Rong (Chorong), Yoon Bo Mi (Bomi), Jung Eun Ji (Eunji), Son Na Eun (Naeun), Kim Nam Joo (Namjoo), and Oh Ha Young ( Hayoung).

2. AOA

K-Pop girl groups whose members use real names


Ace of Angels, which is abbreviated as AOA, now only consists of three members. They are one of the girl groups that have many iconic songs.

AOA consists of Shin Hye Jeong (Hyejeong), Kim Seol Hyun (Seolhyun), and Kim Chan Mi (Chanmi). Even so, they have never made a comeback with 3 members.


K-Pop girl groups whose members use real names


TWICE has 9 talented members, all of whom use their real names as idols. Their real names are easy to remember, very suitable to be used as stage names.

TWICE members are Park Ji Hyo (Jihyo), Im Na Yeon (Nayeon), Yoo Jeong Yeon (Jeongyeon), Hirai Momo (Momo), Minatozaki Sana (Sana), Myoui Mina (Mina), Kim Da Hyun (Dahyun), Park Chae Young (Chaeyoung), and Chou Tzuyu (Tzuyu).

4. I.O.I

K-Pop girl groups whose members use real names

Formed from the survival program Produce 101, I.O.I has succeeded as a girl group project that is popular in various circles. All members are talented, also have charming charms.

This girl group consists of 11 members who successfully debuted after working hard to win. Even though they are no longer active, fans still support each member’s career as idols.


K-Pop girl groups whose members use real names

BLACKPINK’s current popularity is unquestionable. Each member is also known to have their own characteristics, making it more attractive to most people.

BLACKPINK consists of 4 members who use stage names, namely Kim Jennie (Jennie), Kim Ji Soo (Jisoo), and Lalisa Manoban (Lisa). There is also Rose, which is the English name of Roseanne Park.

Real names are considered appropriate to be used as stage names for all the girl group members above. They also managed to attract attention, even though they used stage names that seemed simpler.

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