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5 Korean Dramas Set in the Past That You Can Watch

5 Korean Dramas Set in the Past That You Can Watch

Usually, Korean dramas with historical themes will always have figures of kings, queens, wearing traditional clothes, swords, warriors, and much more. However, some Korean dramas are still historical, but more modern.
Although not many, there are dramas set in the 1900s that have interesting storylines and are good to watch. Let’s take a look at the series of dramas below:

1. Reply 1997

5 Korean Dramas Set in Old School

This rom-com genre drama is set in 1997 and revolves around Shi Won (Apink’s Eunji), a high school student who idolizes the boy band H.O.T and 5 of his friends in Busan. This drama is not only set in 1997 but also in 2012.

If in 1997 they were 18 years old, in 2012 the six people were 33 years old and the storyline focuses on a high school reunion dinner, where one couple announces that they are getting married.

2. Youth of May

5 Korean Dramas Set in Old School

Youth of May is set in 1980 which tells the story of Hwang Hee Tae (Lee Do Hyun), Seoul National University majoring in medicine with the highest score. His best friend Kim Kyung Soo (Kwon Young-Chan), a pro-democracy activist insists on opening an illegal clinic for students fleeing the government.

One day, a factory worker was injured during a demonstration. In exchange for secretly transporting himself and the factory workers to his hometown, Hee Tae has to go to a meeting of potential marriage partners arranged by his father.

Hee Tae meets Kim Myung Hee (Go Min Si), a nurse who agrees to accompany him to the meeting in place of Lee Soo Ryun (Geum Sae Rok). However, Hee Tae and Myung Hee fall in love.

3. Life on Mars

5 Korean Dramas Set in Old School

As the leader of the crime investigation team, Han Tae Joo (Jung Kyung Ho) has risen through the ranks by trusting data above all else. One day, while investigating a serial case, he gets into an accident. When he wakes up, Tae Joo finds himself in the winter of 1988.

Now, he is a detective appointed to work in a small-town police station and must solve a case to return to the present.

4. Chicago Typewriter

5 Korean Dramas Set in Old School

Chicago Typewriter follows the life story of two men and a woman through two eras, namely the 1930s Japanese occupation of Korea and the 21st century. Han Se Joo (Yoo Ah In), a writer in his past life and now a bestselling author.

However, he fell into depression with writer’s block and was unable to write his next book. Yu Jin Oh (Go Kyung Pyo), a bar owner in his previous life, but the present as a ghostwriter who helps Se Joo in a situation.

Jeon Seol (Im Soo Jung), a sniper in the past, but has many talents in the present. The story of these three characters reveals a strange relationship between the period and their past lives that might be fixed in the modern era.

5. Mr. sunshine

5 Korean Dramas Set in Old School

This popular drama is about a boy (Kim Kang Hoon) born to an ART family who travels to the United States during the 1871 Shinmiyangyo (US expedition to Korea). He then returns to South Korea as a US marine officer (Lee Byung Hun).

He meets and falls in love with a noble’s daughter named Go Ae Shin (Kim Tae Ri). At the same time, he discovers a plot by foreign troops to colonize Korea.