5 K-Pop Songs that are Viral on Tiktok, Not Trends from the West, you know

5 K-Pop Songs that are Viral on Tiktok

A place where young people pour their creativity, many new trends are also born from Tiktok. The songs used vary. For those who often see TikTok, maybe you know the viral song used. Usually, they have a challenge made by the artist himself. But it could also be from ordinary people who managed to go viral with their movements.

Not only Western songs, but K-Pop has also won attention many times. Even because the vibes of the song and the language are in English, many think this song is the work of an American artist. Not really, you know. It’s an achievement to be popular, their title track is sure to be remembered even just from the tune. Here are five K-Pop songs that have gone viral on Tiktok.

1. Stella Jang “Colors”

Who knows if this is originally from Korea? Stella Jang has beautiful and soft vocals. “Colors” are often used by Tiktok users to indicate changes, types of objects or people, OOTD, and many others.

The lyrics are very simple and also use English. Stella Jang is an Indie singer from Korea. He has debuted in 2014 under the agency Grandline Entertainment and often fills in on drama soundtracks.

Some of the dramas include I’m Not A Robot, My Strange Hero, Moment of Eighteen, My Secretary Life, and The Third Charm.

2. TXT “Anti-Romantic”

Addicted to the beat! Listening to “Anti Romantic” makes your body and head want to move along. Through Tiktok, this song went viral which is a b-sidetrack from the album “The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE”. The ballad and R&B genres were created by Bang Si Hyuk and are bustling with stomping movements made by netizens.

It can be seen that there are already 292 thousand videos using this sound on Tiktok. “Anti Romantic,” tells the story of someone who chooses to stay single and stay away from a romantic relationship.

3. Somi “Dumb Dumb”

Released in early August, Somi’s comeback was a success. “Dumb Dumb” has an iconic dance challenge in the chorus. This song is about a woman who is shy about liking men so she makes an impression to be attractive. While the original character, he did not show.

Somi appears with the High Teen theme in the MV, making her very suitable and likable. He has done challenges with many singers and presenters in Korea and even his sister.

4. Jessi “Nunu Nana”

Our swag rapper, Jessi! “Nunu Nana” is her comeback single which went viral with her dance. Jessi’s personality is someone who is known by many people because she is unique. He dares to display his outspoken character and be himself as he is.

Jessi is Korean-American and when she debuted in 2005, she entered the Korean music industry, she went through many processes to become successful. “Nunu Nana” is an iconic song, when you hear it, Jessi’s name will be attached to the title.

5. Zico “Any Song”

Tiktok users certainly know the song “Any Song”. It’s been viral everywhere, maybe your FYP often appears in this song. This song was composed and recorded by Zico himself from the writing, production, to recording process.

Not suddenly famous, it started with a dance challenge created by Zico. Until he achieved all kills on all Korean charts and a triple crown on Gaon’s weekly chart. Famous artists also take part in the challenge, you know! Zico has also had the opportunity and was trusted to be a judge on the reality show I-LAND.

Are there any of the songs above that you just found out were from South Korean singers? The challenges created are interesting. This is one way to market songs well, especially on Tiktok which has a viral fast algorithm.