5 K-Pop MVs Inspired by Famous Movies, Did You Know?

KPop MVs Inspired by Famous Movies

The beauty of music videos for Korean songs can always amaze the audience. Starting from the enigmatic concept to the visual aesthetic that is displayed. When we know that a new song has been released, we are always made to look forward to when the music video will be released.

Not infrequently, in making music videos, they take the story in the film as a reference. Here are 5 K-Pop MVs inspired by some famous movies.

1. What Do I Call You – Taeyeon

The music video, which was released in December 2020, features several main scenes from the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind directed by Michel Gondry. This film tells the story of a couple who try to move on by erasing each other’s memories.

If there is a Korean remake of this film, this Taeyeon song could be the perfect soundtrack!

2. Kill Bill – Brown Eyed Girls

Aside from the title, what Kill Bill has in common in this music video is in the cruelty and suspense. Each member takes on a role from the film, representing The Deadly Viper Assassination squad.

Opening with a quote from the main character in the film, the clip continues with a scene that tells the storyline with a little twist in it.

3. Married To The Music – SHINee

SHINee always carries an unusual concept for their music videos. Married To The Music was inspired by the 1975 horror comedy musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show. For writing the title track, they used the original font and a spooky costume party feel.

Horror shows coupled with slick choreography made SHINee look extraordinary in the video clip which was released in August 2015.

4. Lightsaber – EXO

EXO has always carried a concept with another world theme. Just like those who also come from other planets. The same goes for the Lightsaber music video.

A collaboration project with Star Wars, EXO’s music video which was released in November 2015 is of course inspired by the Star Wars series. The EXO members feature legendary stories in their MV, from the title to the neon Jedi and all the lightsabers that appear in the MV.

5. Black Swan – BTS

BTS’s Black Swan song is said to be inspired by a quote from Martha Graham, a dancer from the United States. “A dancer dies twice. First when they stop dancing, and the first death is the most painful death.”

When watching this music video, we will see the stage setting and the many symbols that remind us of the 2010 film Black Swan which was released in the psychological horror genre.

Of the 5 MVs above, which video clip is your favourite?