5 K-pop idols with Aquarius zodiac signs who are known to be friendly

5 kpop idols

5 kpop idols

5 kpop idols-powerful, and unpredictable are arguably the 3 most famous common traits of Aquarians, namely those who have the zodiac Aquarius. Even though on the one hand this figure is very emotional and temperamental, it’s no secret that the owner of this zodiac is very communicative and gets along quickly with new people. *Kpop idols are friendly

No wonder Aquarius is considered to be a super fun friend because he likes hanging out and helping others. They can also be fun confidants because they are known as good listeners.

This friendly nature also emanates from the KPop idols who are under the zodiac. Known to be friendly, here are 5 KPop idols who have the zodiac Aquarius. Have you ever imagined how exciting it would be if you were friends with them?




5 kpop idols

5 kpop idols-Just having her birthday on February 11, Rose, who was born and raised in New Zealand, is known as a person who is fun to be friends with. During his time as a BLACKPINK member, Rose was initially seen as a shy and introverted figure. But, over time all his fun and energetic traits were revealed.

In BLACKPINK, Rose is often referred to as a human vitamin because her presence alone is often a mood booster for the other members. Moreover, he is known for not joking in making jokes or acting funny, to provide his joy in the girl group. Besides being good at singing with a unique voice, Rose is also good at playing the guitar. Can you imagine how to comfort him if he is friends with Rose?




5 kpop idols


5 kpop idol- sunghaThis idol who was born on February 9, 1996, is also known as a friendly person. One of his most prominent Aquarians characters is that of being helpful to others. While still in the I.O.I girl group, for example, Chungha was known as a member who was always ready when other members needed help.

The figure known as the nickname alcohol is also said to have a bold nature that makes you amazed. Wow, how lucky it is to become friends with Chungha because she will shower you with love!


Minju IZ * ONE


5 kpop idols


latest kpop idol- So one of the visuals that stole the attention at IZ * ONE, Minju, who was born on February 5, 2000, has the qualities that reflect true Aquarians. The other IZ * ONE members agree that Minju is a member who has a kind heart and likes to help. Chaeyeon, who is also a member of this girl group, also thinks that Minju is a hardworking and always cheerful figure. Besides that, Minju is also known as the member who is the most expressive when on stage. This is the biggest attraction of this figure.*Kpop idols are friendly

Miyeon (G) I-DLE


5 kpop idols

latest kpop idol– Having the full name Cho Miyeon, this figure occupies a visual position in the girl group that made his name popular, (G) I-DLE. Born on January 31, 1997, Miyeon is known as a multitalented figure because she is not only good at singing and dancing but also plays the piano and violin. Fun fact, Miyeon was a YG Entertainment trainee who was supposed to debut with BLACKPINK. Apart from being beautiful, Miyeon is also known as an energetic and always cheerful member of the members. He also gets along easily with new people so he can be a super fun friend. *Kpop idols are friendly

TWICE’s Jihyo


5 kpop idols

latest kpop idol– This TWICE leader can also be said to be one of the true Aquarians because he is always cheerful. This is also a strength in itself that unites TWICE members with many personalities. Uniquely, even though at first it looked shy and closed, it seemed that Jihyo was not good at showing a humorous side that could entertain the other person so that the atmosphere was cheerful.

Jihyo himself has undergone an MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) personality test. The idol admitted, the results of this personality test describe who he is, as he is always curious and the type who likes to be adventurous. Can you imagine Jihyo will be a very exciting traveler friend!

No wonder these idols have friendly and friendly personalities, it turns out that this is influenced by the zodiac they have. Which idol do you want to be your best friend with? *Kpop idols are friendly