5 K-Pop Groups That Appear in Modern Hanbok, No Less Cool!

K-Pop Groups That Perform with Modern Hanbok

Hanbok is a traditional Korean dress that has been known since the kingdoms of Goguryeo, Joseon, and Silla. “Han” means Korean, “Bok” means clothes. The sleeves of the hanbok are usually wide open and the women’s skirts are loose and long. This hanbok is usually used during Chuseok or Chinese New Year celebrations.

The unique fact is that wearing this hanbok consists of three layers, you know. Although it has existed since the royal era, traditional Korean hanbok clothing still exists. The world of Korean music is getting more and more famous, now idols are promoting and bringing their country by appearing wearing modern hanbok outfits. Here are five K-Pop groups that appear on stage in hanbok.


Wearing several different outfits, Blackpink wore hanbok on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. Super Junior’s Heechul who is one of the hosts of Knowing Brothers asked them who came up with the idea to appear in a modern hanbok outfit.

Jisoo as a representative replied that they all discussed it together. BLACKPINK also showed Korean culture in some MV scenes which were their wish from the start.

2. Stray Kids

K-Pop Groups That Perform with Modern Hanbok

Although at first glance it doesn’t look like it, if you look closely, Stray Kids’ costumes in the “Back Door” comeback MV are hanbok. With charisma looking at the camera, the hanbok used is themed in red, white, and black colors. Also adapted for comfort, the modern hanbok is designed for the top. While his subordinates wear ordinary pants. Neat!

3. BTS

K-Pop Groups That Perform with Modern Hanbok

With the Korean culture they show starting from the location and costumes, BTS looks stunning. On Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, BTS performed the song “IDOL”. Many fans were in an uproar because of their visuals, plus Jungkook’s appearance tying his hair.

The energy here can be very visible! The meaning of the song “IDOL” is about the lives of idols, especially themselves who receive a lot of criticism but do not affect them.

4. CLC

K-Pop Groups That Perform with Modern Hanbok

Simple but charming, the modern hanbok that CLC uses is the uniform for the outer. There are floral motifs and the model is like a suit. Some make-up or additional accessories are also used, such as a cloth tied around the waist.

CLC managed to master the stage very well at Music Core performing the song “ME”. Undoubtedly, CLC is one of the girl groups that has had a career since its debut in 2015.

5. Oh My Girl

K-Pop Groups That Perform with Modern Hanbok

Oh, My Girl is present at the 2021 Golden Disc Award by presenting the performance of “Nonstop” with the oriental version. Looking elegant backstage, on stage Oh My Girl also drew the audience’s eyes to them.

The modern hanbok costumes they use are usually knee-length skirts. Every pattern and cut of the hanbok design fits perfectly with the members who wear it. Oh, My Girl won Best Digital Song at this awards show.

As the Korean music industry continues to go global, artists also carry the name of Korea with traditional clothing culture. With the changing times, designers design idol costumes to be attractive while maintaining the country’s culture. Which modern hanbok style do you prefer?

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