5 K-Pop Boy Groups That Have Many Members from Outside South Korea

Kpop boy groups

Friendship among KPop boy group members often makes fans feel warm. What’s more, showing closeness is a common thing to do if you are in the same group.

Not a few K-Pop boy groups even unite members from different countries. The boy group below has many members from outside South Korea. Come on, see!

1. NCT

Kpop boy groups

NCT is a group whose members continue to grow over time. This group that has many units also consists not only of members from South Korea but also from various other countries.

The countries of origin of NCT members are very diverse, namely Japan, China, the United States, Thailand, Canada, and South Korea. There is a possibility, members from other countries will debut.


Kpop boy groups

Formed from the YG Treasure Box survival program, TREASURE became a boy group that debuted with twelve talented members. The closeness between the members has also been shown on various occasions, you know.

This boy group is even more interesting because it has four members from Japan, namely Yoshinori, Mashiho, Asahi, and Haruto. Meanwhile, the other members are from South Korea.


Kpop boy groups

Having successfully debuted for many years, SEVENTEEN has many members from outside South Korea. Even so, they are very compact because they have been friends for a long time.

In case you didn’t know, Joshua and Vernon were born in the United States, while The8 and Jun are from China. They have all attracted the attention of foreign fans, you know.

4. GOT7

Kpop boy groups

GOT7 is a boy group that has successfully stolen the attention of foreign fans. It is known, the friendship between the members is also so strong and amazing fans.

Always compact, GOT7 turns out to have members from outside South Korea. Jackson from Hong Kong, Bambam from Thailand, and Mark from the United States.

5. SuperM

Kpop boy groups

SuperM is a unique group because it brings together members from different generations and countries. Even so, they didn’t seem awkward anymore as time went on.

SuperM members born outside of South Korea are Mark from Canada, Lucas from Hong Kong, and Ten from Thailand. This diversity makes SuperM considered more unique by the public.

The boy group above also became popular thanks to the support of fans, you know. Which boy group is your favorite?