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5 Facts of Korean Drama Mine, The Story of Strong and Ambitious Women

Drama Korea Mine
  • Korean Drama Mine – A Korean drama title titled Mine is being broadcast on tvN. Since its premiere on Saturday (8/5/2021), this drama has attracted public attention.

The proof is Mine’s rating skyrocketed since its premiere. Soompi proclaimed the first episode received an average rating across the country of 6.6 percent. The figure was higher in the Seoul metropolitan area, at 7.9 percent.

This is the drama with the premiere episode that achieved the sixth-highest rating among the weekend dramas that tvN has aired.

Mine is about ambitious women who challenge stereotypes in society and discover what is their right. The characters are Seo Hee-Soo (Lee Bo Young), a former top actress who is married to the Hyowon family, with the elegant claws of Jung Seo Hyun (Kim Seo Hyung) ‘s brother-in-law.

The lives of the two sons-in-law of this wealthy family are turned upside down when two new women arrive, private tutor Kang Ja Kyung (Ok Ja Yeon) and young domestic assistant Kim Yoo Yeon (Jung Yi Seo).

In several interviews and press conferences before Mine aired, the players told a variety of interesting things about this Korean Drama. Anything?


1. Had to Worry

Drama Korea Mine

Korean Drama Mine – Producer Lee Na Jung said the character of this drama is very strong and ambitious, compared to what has been shown in his previous projects. This had worried him.

“While reading Baek Mi Kyung’s script, I was worried whether I could present this story properly. We tried to present a drama that was complete and varied, which could satisfy both eyes and ears,” he said.


2. Confused Cute Acting

Drama Korea Mine

Korean Drama Mine – Lee Bo Young said the character he played was initially adorable. “And this ended up being a problem for me. How can I act cute?” said Lee Bo Young.

His character changes after learning a secret. “I can shift my focus and think how he will be shaken because of this. So I can present the real me in the first half to show that he used to be such a transparent person,” he said.


3. Make yourself awkward

Drama Korea Mine

Before appearing in Mine, Kim Seo Hyung starred in the successful drama Sky Castle. Asked about the comparison of the two dramas, he said, “It feels awkward to play a character who has received luxurious treatment, such as opening a door or taking a walk in a house where I normally never enter.”


4. N Forging Yourself

Drama Korea Mine

Korean Drama Mine – Mine also stars the actor who was previously popular as a K-Pop idol, N Vixx. He plays the character Han Soo Hyuk, the eldest grandson of Hyo Won Group. Playing the chaebol, aka the rich twists, N made special preparations.

“He’s the son of a chaebol family who lives in an extraordinarily luxurious environment, but there is a lonely and sad feeling about him. That’s why I feel like my physical appearance is as important as my acting, and I exercise and take care of my food. I often meet with the production staff before filming to perfect it. Han Soo Hyuk’s style, “N explained.


5. Jung Yi Seo’s First Experience

Korean Drama Mine

Actress Jung Yi Seo mentioned that the character Kim Yoo Yeon, who lived a life of hardship but did not appear happy, was a new challenge for her. Jung Yi Seo calls this the first experience.

“I want to show how cheerful and confident he is, despite being in that (luxurious) environment. It’s hard to express it, but I think this is an opportunity for me to grow as an actor,” he said.