5 Facts about 2PM’s Comeback 5 Years Apart, Finally Bringing Hands Up Again

2PM comeback

2 PM is finally back after almost five years of hiatus. This JYP Entertainment dropout group previously took a long break because they had to complete their mandatory military service.

The year 2021 marks 2PM’s comeback after moving on for 30 years with a complete line-up. There’s June. K (33), Nichkhun (33), Taecyeon (32), Wooyoung (32), Junho (31), to Chansung (31).

The HOTTEST (2PM fans) have been looking forward to their comeback since the last time they released the album Gentlemen’s Game with the lead single Promise (I’ll Be) in 2016.

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Here are 5 facts about 2PM’s comeback that carry the sexy concept :

1. 2PM’s New Album and Song

2PM shocked HOTTEST by releasing the trailer for ‘The Hottest Origin’ on Sunday (6/6/2021). The video showcases 2PM’s sexy and masculine concept for their seventh album, MUST.

2PM’s latest album was finally released with the video clip for the main song ‘Make It’s on Monday (28/6/2021) at 16.00 WIB. The personnel was directly involved in making the song.

The MUST album contains ten songs, and seven of them were composed by Wooyoung, Jun.K, and Taecyeon. The song ‘Make It’ was even written by the main dancer, Wooyoung in one night.

2. The meaning of 2 PM’s comeback song ‘Make It’

2PM’s Wooyoung participated in the making of the MUST album by writing the melody and lyrics for ‘Make It. The Korean title of the song is ‘Haeya have which means ‘Must do it.’

The Dream High star expressed his gratitude because ‘Make It’ was chosen as 2PM’s comeback song. He revealed this while attending the press conference for the release of MUST, Monday (28/6/2021).

“I’m grateful that ‘Make It’ was chosen as the title track,” said Wooyoung, as reported by Soompi.

“The song came from two questions I wanted to ask and ‘should’ I asked, namely, ‘If love comes to me again, what should I say?’ and ‘If now is the time for 2PM’s album, what should we do?'” he continued.

3. The Secret of 2PM Personnel Staying Fit

2PM is approaching their 13th year since debuting with the song ’10 out of 10′ in 2008. This second-generation group is known for its manly image, fit appearance, and powerful choreography.

The 2PM personnel were also asked how they have kept their bodies in shape for 13 years. During the press conference, Wooyoung revealed that Junho’s discipline was what he admired about him.

2PM comeback

Junho revealed that he wanted to appear as he did in the past. The idea has even been thought up by the main vocalist of 2PM after returning from military service in March 2021.

4. Taecyeon Participates in Comeback Despite Changing Agencies

Taecyeon left JYP Entertainment and joined 51K in 2018. Although he has focused on his acting career, he still participated with 2PM personnel for their comeback.

This was realized because the personnel continued to maintain communication and build trust with each other. The Vincenzo star also revealed the reason when attending a press conference.

Taecyeon explained, “Even when I left the agency, it wasn’t like ‘2PM is no longer 2PM’. I think group promotions can be continued even after changing agencies as long as you are proud of your group and your personnel considers it,” Taecyeon explained.

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5. Bring the Hits ‘Hands Up’

The song ‘Make It’ was first performed through the MUST comeback show which was broadcast on Mnet on Monday (28/6/2021) at 19.00 KST. The event opened with 2PM’s performance of the hit song from 2011 entitled ‘Hands Up’.

The hottest was nostalgic to see 2PM perform the song 10 years after its release. The video of their appearance was widely discussed on Twitter because it became a song that many KPop fans enjoyed.

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