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5 Campuses That Are Often Places for Filming Drama, There’s Jin BTS Campus

Campus Drama Place

are you kdrama lovers? If so, then of course you already understand that some Korean dramas use the campus as a shooting location.

Campus in Korean dramas is usually used for dramas that talk about school and college life. Which campuses are often used as shooting locations?

The following is an explanation of the campus that is often used as a shooting location for Korean dramas :

1. Yonsei University

Campus Drama Place

Yonsei University is one of the top three campuses in South Korea. People who enter this campus will certainly be highly praised and respected. The selection to enter Yonsei University is also very strict.

If you watch SKY Castle, the drama discusses if SKY stands for SNU, Korea University, and Yonsei University. In addition to being a prestigious campus, Yonsei is also often a shooting location for Korean dramas.

This campus has been used by dramas True Beauty, Extraordinary You, When My Love Blooms, Romance is A Bonus Book, Age of Youth 1 and 2, and the upcoming drama Snowdrop, played by Blackpink Jisoo.

2. Seoul National University (SNU)

Campus Drama Place

SNU is also part of SKY, the top three campuses in South Korea. This campus was used for filming for the Korean drama Stars Lover in 2008. In addition, this campus was also used for shooting the variety show 2 Day 1 Night.

3. Konkuk University

Campus Drama Place

Konkuk University is a private university located in Seoul and Chungju. It turns out that this campus is a place for top artists to study. BTS’s Jin, Shinee’s Minho, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Minho, and Bae Doona were once alumni of Konkuk University.

In addition, this campus is also often used as a shooting location for Korean dramas. Some of these dramas are Tale of the Nine-Tailed, My ID is Gangnam Beauty, While You Were Sleeping, Strongest Deliveryman, Goblin, Chicago Typewriter, and so on.

4. Keimyung University

Campus Drama Place

Keimyung University is a campus located in Daegu and is often used as a filming location for dramas. A total of 100 Korean films and dramas were shot in this place. Some of these dramas are Love Rain, Boys Over Flowers, and King 2 Hearts.

5. University of Ulsan

Campus Drama Place

For those of you who are viewers of the drama Nevertheless and want to know where it was shot, the answer is the University of Ulsan. This drama has many art spaces. Interestingly, the main character in the drama, Han So Hee, also comes from Ulsan and is an alumnus of Ulsan Arts High School.

So, those are 5 campus locations that are often used as shooting locations for Korean dramas. Interested in visiting it?