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5 Bad Boy Characters in Successful Dramas That Make You Nervous

5 Bad Boy Characters in Successful Dramas That Make You Nervous

One of the things that makes Korean dramas popular among female viewers is of course the presence of actors who steal hearts. In addition, the charming character depiction adds to the excitement while watching.
The following is a list of bad boys in Korean dramas who have succeeded in making the audience’s heart go wild:

1. Park Jae Eon (Nevertheless)

5 Bad Boy Characters in Successful Dramas That Make You Nervous

Nevertheless, it tells the story of 2 art students who have different views on a relationship. Park Jae Eon (Sung Kang) is a guy who doesn’t want to be in a relationship but likes to spread charm on women.

This charm makes Yu Na Bi (Han So Hee) captivated, even though she is a woman who wants clarity in relationships. Even though he is a playboy, Park Jae Eon has a wise side that makes not only Yu Na Bi but also the audience nervous.

2. Vincenzo Cassano (Vincenzo)

5 Bad Boy Characters in Korean Drama

Song Joong Ki plays Vincenzo, a smart mafia consigliere who is good at outwitting his enemies and doesn’t care about the rules. He is always one step ahead of the opponent and good at martial arts.

Even though he seems cruel, Vincenzo has his moral code and only targets those who deserve to be punished. In addition to his mafia side, Vincenzo has an elegant dress style that can win the hearts of those around him.

3. Lee Rang (Tale of the Nine-Tailed)

5 Bad Boy Characters in Korean Drama

Lee Rang (Kim Bum) is a rebel who harbors a lot of hatred towards his brother. His annoying and hateful nature may initially irritate the audience.

But behind all the traits and cunning plans to destroy his brother, Lee Rang is a man who wants to be recognized. No wonder its existence has succeeded in making the hearts of the audience so mixed up!

4. Baek Kyung (Extraordinary You)

5 Bad Boy Characters in Korean Drama

As a comic character, Baek Kyung (Lee Jae Wook) has a very common bad boy trait. He seems rude and arrogant, but holds a lot of trouble.

Baek Kyun is demanded to marry Eun Dan Oh (Kim Hye Yoon) to benefit his father’s business. In the comics, Baek Kyung has to be cold and indifferent to Dan Oh, but after realizing he’s just a comic character, Baek Kyung regrets his actions and opens his heart to Dan Oh.

5. Gu Dong Mae (Mr. Sunshine)

5 Bad Boy Characters in Korean Drama

Gu Dong Mae (Yoo Yeon Seok) was born in the lowest caste as the son of a butcher. Suffering from discrimination, he fled to Japan after the death of his parents.

Dong Mae becomes a ruthless assassin and returns to his homeland to help the Japanese take Joseon. His hatred of Joseon’s social hierarchical system makes Go Dong Mae not hesitate to kill innocent people.

But his weak point is Ae Sin (Kim Tae Ri) because of his kindness towards Dong Mae when he was a child. A tragic childhood and affection for Ae Sin made him a bad boy who had a chance to redeem himself.