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5 Angels of Death in Korean Dramas That Make You Fail to Focus

Angel of Death in Korean Drama Drama

The grim reaper or grim reaper doesn’t always appear scary. In Korean dramas, for example, they appear charming.

The figure of the angel of death usually comes with a scary image, all black, and carries a scythe weapon that can take a life at any time. However, this is not the case with the grim reaper in Korean dramas. The character is often described as a charming figure with a perfect body.

Although he likes to dress all in black, his appearance sometimes makes the audience’s focus wrong. They are present like angels whose image is far from scary.

Anyone? The following is a charming grim reaper or angel of death in Korean dramas.

1. Song Yi-Soo (49 Days)

Angel of Death in Korean Drama Drama

In the SBS drama 49 Days, there is a grim reaper named Song Yi-Soo, played by Jung Il-woo. He managed to captivate the hearts of local and international audiences. In this drama, he plays the role of a grim reaper whose job is to take human lives. However, the grim reaper’s appearance was different from what was imagined.

He looks fashionable and rides a sportbike. He doesn’t even want to be called “Joseon Only” or “angel of death”, because those titles seem old-fashioned and terrifying. He wants to be called a “Scheduler”, which is an angel in charge of scheduling someone’s death. The charming figure of Jung Il-woo with his tall body and six-pack abs certainly breaks the stereotype of the grim reaper which is synonymous with death.

2. Wang Yeo (Goblin)

Angel of Death in Korean Drama Drama

In the tvN drama Goblin, Lee Dong-Wook played the Grim Reaper named Wang Yeo. Being an angel of death, he is identical to his black hat. Uniquely in this drama, everyone who dies will be invited to drink tea.

Although his character is scary when he picks up the dead, he also has a funny side when he is with Kim Hyeong (Gong Yoo). He even showed a bromance relationship with Gong Yoo which further increased the audience’s interest in watching this drama.


3. Black (Black)

Angel of Death in Korean Drama Drama

In the Korean drama Black, there is a grim reaper character named Black, played by Song Seung-Heon. In this drama, Black enters the body of a detective to live in the world. However, she ends up falling in love with a human, Ha Ram, who can see other people’s death.

Black and Ha Ram (Go Ara) then together fight to help the lives of many people by breaking the rules set by heaven. Her role in this drama managed to make the audience laugh, especially when she adjusts to the human body.

4. Senior Angel (Hi! School – Love On)

Angel of Death in Korean Drama Drama


A senior death angel played by Lee Chang-Joo also often invites laughter. As a senior grim reaper, he is very considerate of Lee Seul-bi (Kim Sae-Ron). To protect his junior, he often does things that endanger the people around him.

This Grim reaper likes to carry a thick gold book that lists the names of people who will die. Indeed, he likes to wear black suits, but his face is far from scary!

5. Byul-Yi (The Universe’s Star)

Angel of Death in Korean Drama Drama

If this one displays the figure of the angel of death that is sweet and funny. Named Byul-Yi (Ji Woo), he becomes a grim reaper after he gets into a traffic accident. He lives his life as a grim reaper by going to the hospital to deliver children.

Byul also often wears a black suit, especially when on duty to take the children away. Far from being scary, this angel of death makes you feel at home watching, right?