4 Facts About Lisa BLACKPINK Becoming a Youth With You 3 Mentor, She is a Trainee

lisa blackpink

Lisa Blackpink

Lisa Blackpink – BLACKPINK’s Lisa is back as a mentor for the Chinese survival show, Youth With You 3. She has been a mentor for the show made by iQiyi since the second season.
BLACKPINK’s Lisa also became the only KPop idol who became a trainee for the Youth With You 3. BLACKPINK’s main dancer became a dance mentor and trained 119 male trainees.

In the second season, BLACKPINK’s Lisa was present with other mentors in Guangzhou, China. However, due to the pandemic situation this year, he trained trainees virtually via video calls.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK’s Lisa has been stealing the attention of trainees since the first episode. BLACKPINK members also watched the action nicknamed ‘Mentor Lisa’.

Here are five interesting facts about Lisa BLACKPINK as a mentor for Youth With You 3:

1. Reasons for BLACKPINK’s Lisa to be a Mentor


lisa blackpink

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is the main reason for the Youth With You 2 survival event to go viral. A few months after the broadcast of the last episode, he is rumored to be the mentor of the third season featuring male trainees.

In her interview with Sina Entertainment, BLACKPINK’s Lisa revealed the reason for returning to being the mentor of the event. Even though he practiced virtually, he wanted to help trainees debut.

“(In) this season, I also want to tell the trainees what I know or what I’ve learned to help them succeed,” said BLACKPINK’s Lisa.

BLINKs (as BLACKPINK fans are called) can see Lisa’s enthusiasm from the start of Youth With You 3. The Thai idol often provides motivation and demonstrates dances for trainees.

2. Lisa BLACKPINK Gives out CDs for Trainees


lisa blackpink
lisa blackpink

Not only are they inspirational mentors, but BLACKPINK’s Lisa is also an idol of trainees. One of the members, Lian Huawei, also tried the opportunity to get a BLACKPINK album.

In episode 22 Youth With You 3, Lisa enthusiastically gave BLACKPINK’s album to the group she trained as a reward. The trainees couldn’t hide their happy feelings as lucky fans.

They were stunned when they saw Lisa BLACKPINK sign the album via video call. The 24-year-old idol even asked other BLACKPINK members to sign it.

“This is my signature. And I will ask the other members to sign it,” said Lisa BLACKPINK to the trainees.

3. Lisa BLACKPINK likes trainees


lisa blackpink

Lisa Blackpink Update – BLACKPINK’s Lisa may be biased by a million devotees around the world. However, he also idolized a trainee in the Chinese survival show, Youth With You 3.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa openly calls Duan XingXing (also known as X) her favorite trainee. The mentor also expressed disappointment when XingXing did not get votes from anyone.

“She is very serious and works hard. In class, she is always actively asking questions. She is determined to make her group better and give a perfect performance,” explained Lisa BLACKPINK.

The meaning of the BLACKPINK group could not hide his happy feelings when XingXing chose himself as a mentor for the collaboration show. “I have XingXing,” Lisa exclaimed while dancing a little.

4. Lisa BLACKPINK Often Motivates


lisa blackpink

Lisa Blackpink Update BLACKPINK’s Lisa first advised Sun Yihang. As a playing dancer, he must do his best because he may not have the opportunity to appear on another occasion.

“This may need to be known by others … Whoever leads the group dance, must dance better. Because maybe there is no chance for the lead dancer to dance alone,” said the owner of the real name Lalisan Manoban.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa also gave short advice to trainees after dancing “LOVER” and “Intentions”.
“Are you nervous? Don’t worry. Just do it. Everything will be fine when you start. Good luck!” exclaimed Mentor Lisa.

The Final Episode of Survival Youth With You Show 3
Meanwhile, the survival program Youth With You 3 will air its final episode soon. Lisa BLACKPINK fans can watch this event through the iQiyi platform which provides the real-time translation in Indonesian.

“Live translation for the first time will be made in Indonesian for Youth With You 3. iQiyi does this to expand the access of the audience, thereby minimizing the boundaries that may occur,” said Bima Marzuki, representing iQiyi on Thursday (6/5/2021).

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