12 Third Generation K-Pop Group Collaboration Performances, Really Compact!

Third Generation K-Pop Group Collaboration

Collaborative performances from various K-Pop groups can make the atmosphere more lively, as well as show unexpected cohesiveness. Fans are also always excited when their favorite group gets a chance to collaborate.

Many groups from the third generation have performed together and impressed fans. Come on, see!

1. GFRIEND, I.O.I, TWICE, and Red Velvet collaborated with SNSD’s “Into The New World” after performing their respective songs

2. Red Velvet with TWICE had time to bring a song from S.E.S entitled “Dreams Come True” which was iconic at that time

3. WJSN, Laboum, Oh My Girl, ASTRO, UP10TION, and NCT Dream compactly performed the song “Baby” from Justin Bieber

4. WINNER, Red Velvet, GOT7, and Lovelyz once performed Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger” when they were rookies

5. Even though it’s short, BTS and GOT7’s collaborative performance at this award event is still considered iconic by fans

6. GOT7, TWICE, GFRIEND, and SEVENTEEN were amazed when they collaborated on singing hits from JYP Entertainment

7. Like a musical drama, SEVENTEEN and GFRIEND have performed together to bring their popular songs

8. When they were rookies, MONSTA X and SEVENTEEN collaborated at the 2015 MAMA event. That’s cool!

9. DAY6 and MAMAMOO collaborated to sing Wonder Girls’ “Nobody” at a festival. Unexpected!

10. The chemistry between the members of Oh My Girl and ASTRO when they performed IU’s song “The Red Shoes” made a scene

11. legendary, NU’EST was so compact when collaborating with SEVENTEEN to bring the song “Heaven”

The collaboration performance above also means a lot if you idolize many groups from the third generation at once. So, which performance unites your favorite group?