12 Successful KPop Boy Groups Speed ​​Dance Challenge, Compact!

Boy Group KPop Speed ​​Dance Challenge

Speed ​​dance is a popular challenge for K-Pop idols, it even makes fans proud to see the idol’s dancing ability. This challenge also shows the cohesiveness of K-Pop boy groups when dancing, thereby capturing the public’s attention.

Speed ​​dance is certainly not easy, you need to adjust to the song which is much faster. However, some of the boy groups below managed to complete the speed dance challenge to the end. Come on, see!

1. SEVENTEEN completed the speed dance with the song “I Don’t Wanna Cry” without making mistakes and not looking panicky

2. With a faster tempo, GOT7 still performs “Hard Carry” perfectly even though their choreography is difficult

3. Full of energy, Super Junior’s dance with several songs that went faster in Weekly Idol managed to impress fans

4. The iconic “Be Mine” choreography is still well demonstrated by Infinite, although the song becomes much faster and tiring

5. Success without mistakes, Wanna One reaps praise when dancing “Pick Me” with a faster song due to the audience’s desire

6. The choreography is difficult, SHINee is still able to complete the speed dance challenge with the popular song “Sherlock”

7. Looking calm until the end, ASTRO successfully showed every detail of the “Baby” choreography with faster movements

8. Even though the choreography lineup is constantly changing, NCT 127 is still able to adapt to the success of the speed dance challenge for the song “Limitless”

9. Stay united until the end, ONEUS is amazed when dancing “No Diggity” with a faster song

10. All ATEEZ members proved their dancing skills when completing the speed up dance challenge with the song “Say My Name”

11. The choreography of “Love Scenario” proved not to be easy, as iKON danced it with faster moves

12. His movements are so diverse, A.C.E was amazed when he finished the speed dance with the song “Cactus” with strong choreography

You will recognize the cohesiveness of the boy group above, after watching their speed dance. They are a totality, yes!

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