11 Different Generations of KPop Idol Collaboration Performances, Really Cool!

KPop Idol Collaboration Different Generations

Collaborative performances are interesting things to watch for KPop fans. Usually, these performances are shown through music programs, award events, and year-end festivals.

Not only from different idol groups there are many collaboration performances of K-Pop idols who debuted in different generations. Come on, take a look and witness the following impressive performances.

1. Having charismatic charms, HyunA and Hwasa are recognized as suitable for collaboration with the song “Ice Ice”. Compact even though different generations!

2. 2PM and TWICE’s sweet interaction was also shown when performing together with the iconic “Hands Up”. JYP booth’s favorite group, here!

3. SNSD and EXO’s collaboration for the song “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” is indeed fun to watch. Makes me miss their interaction, right!

4. 2PM is still compact to dance with VIXX and BTS who are different generations from them. Astonishing, here!

5. HyunA once performed with WJSN for the song “Bubble Pop” at the year-end festival. Their charm is successful to amaze!

6. Apink’s Hayoung collaborated with GFRIEND’s Yerin and Red Velvet’s Joy with SNSD’s “Mr. Mr”

7. The SISTAR vocalist once performed Space A’s “Bad Guy” with rapper Monsta X. They also debuted at the same agency, you know

8. Super Junior’s Leeteuk with various groups from the third generation performed the unforgettable song “Sorry Sorry”

9. CL and Hyori performed the song “The Baddest Female” with extraordinary charismatic charms. Different generations, but both multitalented

10. To make a scene, BIGBANG has performed various of their hits during a collaboration with Lee Hyori, a former member of Fin. K.L

11. Sechskies from the first generation proved suitable for collaboration with Wanna One through the song “Couple”. Get compliments, here!


Even though they debuted in different generations, the idols above remained unified. You are also enthusiastic to watch their performance, right?

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