10 Kpop Idols Who Created a Special Song for Their Fans, So Sweet!

Kpop Idols Who Create Special Songs for Their Fans

The presence of fans, of course, means a lot to all K-Pop idols. Without them, the idol star is nothing.

Usually, a fan will support their idol by buying merchandise, such as albums and lightsticks. Don’t forget to always attend the idol’s concert.

Appreciating the presence of a very meaningful fan, some K-Pop idol stars even specially made special performance songs.

Here are 10 K-Pop idols who have songs for their fans. Anyone?

1. IU – Heart

National Little Sister aka IU who is known to appreciate her fans. He also composed a special song for Ueana (IU’s fandom) entitled “Heart”.

The song contains IU’s gratitude towards Ueana who has always given her love and support during her career in the South Korean entertainment industry.

2. BTS – We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal

If you are an ARMY (BTS fandom) you should be proud, because BTS is one of the KPop groups that has many special songs for their fans.

One of them is “We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal”. The song is on BTS’ seventh album, entitled Map of the Soul: 7.

The song tells the story of BTS’s career journey and the various difficulties experienced until surviving at the age of 7 years. In all these difficulties, they have ARMYs who continue to support them endlessly.

3. GFriend – My Buddy

In the second mini-album GFriend, the 6-member K-Pop group released a song called “My Buddy”.

This song which was created especially for fans tells the story of GFriend who considers all Buddy (GFriend’s fandom) in this world to be their friends.

Not to forget, GFriend pins his love for all Buddy who have given them support.

4. DAY6 – Beautiful Feeling

The song “Beautiful Feeling” released by DAY6 on their third anniversary was a special surprise for their fans, MY DAY. Young K in particular participated as the composer and lyricist of the song.

“Beautiful Feeling” is a song that expresses the sincerity they feel for MY DAY. DAY6 even revealed that fans are more than the words “love” and “like”.

5. Twice – 21: 29

Having a unique title, the song is specially dedicated by Twice for Once. This song was composed by the nine Twice members as a return to their love for fans.

Their song was finished writing at exactly “21:29” and because of that, Twice used that time as the title of this special song.

6. Stray Kids – You Can STAY

The song “You Can STAY” is presented by Stray Kids to their beloved fans, namely, STAY. Just like the title track, Stray Kids expresses gratitude to the fans for always being by their side.

Stray Kids also hopes that fans can be with the peacock and find comfort when together.

7. IZ*ONE – With*One

The song that will make WIZ*ONE shed tears was produced by IZ*ONE’s leader, Kwon Eun Bi. The lyrics were also written by the IZ * ONE members.

This sentimental song is dedicated especially to fans. In this song “With*One”, IZ*ONE asks fans to lean on them. They also promised that IZ*ONE would always remember WIZ*One.

8. SEVENTEEN – Thanks

As the title suggests, SEVENTEEN thanked the Carats for always being by their side.

Even though I was worried, that the word thank you was too general so it didn’t sound sincere. Even so, SEVENTEEN sincerely expressed their gratitude to Carats around the world through this song.

9. ITZY – Trust Me (Mitzy)

“Trust Me (Midzy)” is the most beautiful gift from ITZY to their fans known as MIDZY.

The song contains the gratitude and sincerity of the ITZY members to fans. In return for MIDZY’s loyalty, ITZY also hopes to provide comfort and support to its fans through the song.

Published in 2 languages, namely Korean and English, ITZY hopes that its message and gratitude can reach the hearts of fans around the world.

10. ATEEZ – Aurora

The song “Aurora” was written by Hongjoong because it was inspired by their concert. He likened ATINY to a bright light in the crowd when they performed on stage like Aurora.

ATEEZ expresses how important fans are to them, like a light that illuminates their darkness.

Not only fans can express love through support, but idol stars can also show the sincerity of a work that is created.

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